Sunday, November 22, 2009

2012 The End of the World!!! Not Even Close...

As 2012 quickly approaches, I am in constant awe of the fact that there are those out there that believe the Gobbledygook floating out there about the end of the world coming. I try to keep my Blogs fairly short to be a quick read and entertaining so I will lightly touch on all of the imminent death scenarios stacking up for Dec of 2012.

Let me start this out with a warning to all parents. If your child believes that the world is really going to end in Dec of 2012 then do not give them a credit card!!! do not lend them yours, in fact this a perfect opportunity to say NO to what ever they ask for because after all the world is going to end so why do you need it? Needless to say my kids are firm believers that the world is not going to end in 2012 (I am not sure this is due to the reams of empirical evidence to support that position or that they just want to borrow the Card) but I better not get a huge bill in Jan of 2012. On to the debunking...

Lets hit the big one first. The Mayan calendar ends; Dec 21st is the end of the long count calendar so that means the end of the world. Bad stuff will surely happen to us all or... is it just followed by and so on till it reaches about 8000 AD and then it resets.This is because the caleandar is based on base 20 so each column is 0-19 so just do the math 20 days would look like In Fact yes Fact there are Dates found on Mayan markers denoting celebrations in 4000 and something AD. Hmmm so someone in the Mayan nation did not get the memo that the world would have long been ended by then. There is no empirical evidence to support a disaster that will doom the world. When our Calendar turns over on Dec31 to Jan 1 does the world end? I have had a few hangovers that felt like the world ended but no it did not. Keep in mind that the Mayan Calendar also incorporates religion etc in it and every day was sponsored by a God How confusing would that be... so some scientist believe that the Mayans believed in some spiritual awakening might happen but if you ask the Mayans here right now in central America, They do not know what you are talking about. In fact they are kind of miffed that Hollywood is doing that to their culture.They still have no problem selling you a fine reproduction of a Mayan Calendar for $29.95. There is no better way (and easier way) to make money than by using fear. It is a formula that works and works quite well. with that aside and you still believe... let's look at the scenarios of Death and destruction that surely await us on that fateful date or not.

Planet X, a Comet and oh yes and now we have some kind of comet/planet now and wait almost forgot a Brown dwarf could be out there lurking. Planet X/ Sumerian Nibiru (they are not the same ) Planet X is pretty much no more as the calculations for Neptune were redone and the discrepancy in Uranus's orbit disappeared so scratch that. Nibiru, wow... This planet has a master race of folks that came down did there magic and made Humans to slave away for them they left and will be back in 2021 to wreak havoc amongst their slaves. That would make a great movie (like Star gate) but there is no basis in fact. all creatures on earth share the same basic gene structure. so I am pretty sure we originated from here. Oh yes let's chat about the brown dwarf. With all the eyes we have out there (satellites, telescopes) Something that big and that energetic (yes brown dwarfs bleed energy) our whole sky infrared surveys would have picked it up by now. not there... how about a comet We are constantly looking for comets and we can spot them pretty far out there are no indications of any comet or asteroid of planet killer size due to come close in 2012. We get a brush in 2029 then again in 2036 but at 45000 to one odds I am taking all bets for that. This can be my retirement... but again that is not 2012.

Next up is a reversal of the poles. Oh dear me No... It has happened a lot in the past but there is no pattern to suggest that it will happen in 2012 plus there will be BIG signs of it starting. ones you have a hard time missing. With the data mined so far we can expect a pole shift in about 5000-10,000 years or so but take note when these have occurred in the past no mass extinctions have occurred at the same time so I am not too worried if that does come. I will have to buy a new compass Grrr.

Let's talk about a solar flare ending our little corner of paradise. The short answer is No the long answer is, could a flare cause communication damage? Then Yes that could happen but there is no direct evidence to support a flare a (Solar flare of any type)causing mass extinction. Yes There are theories about a possible mass extinction eons ago due to a possible flare but It is a bit hard to swallow for me . To begin with our Sun is oh so stable; It just keeps going and going. In fact with Sunspot cycle 24 starting out so slow and quiet I am starting to wonder if another Maunder minimum is not a better prediction.But Our Earth is well positioned with it's ionosphere, magnetosphere and Van Allen radiation belts in place to fend off some very wicked flaresif they ever happen.

There are probably some more items up for killing off our planet but I said I would keep this short so in Short, Relax! Nothing is going to happen on Dec. 21 2012; You can bet me on it and if I am wrong by some slimmest of slim chances and the world does turn into a burned Marshmallow how would you collect ? until then guard your credit cards and...

Clear skies and great seeing too!

Steve T


  1. Steve T.: While I agree with some of what you say, I disagree completely with others. Let's take your solar flare statements. Did YOU know that Michio Kaku, an astro-physicist has said that the NORMAL X class solar storms that we have every 11 tears is going to be a Y-Class storm, peaking in 2012? The only previous time we had a Y class storm was in 1859, when telegraph wires MELTED off the poles! The arora borealis was seen as far south as the Hawaiian Islands and the Carribean! People who touched certain large metal objects received bad shocksWith our current solar shielding at an all time low right now, we could be cooked like "crispy critters" in 2012, when the Y-Class storms hit? Don't you agree.
    Regarding your not seeing P X approaching; do you have an infra red telescope. If you don't, you won't see it 'till it takes up 20% of the sky. (close) Ask yourself this question. Why are certain sections of the sky blacked out in Google Sky, and Microsoft World Wide Telescope programs??? Could it be our Government doesn't want us to see something there.
    Why did NASA build the SPT (south pole telescope) which is the world's largest INFRA RED TELESCOPE, AT THE SOUTH POLE? Hint: Because Planet X is approaching from the SOUTH, below the elliptic, on a nearly perpendicular, long, elliptical, unstable, orbit. It comes through once every 3600 years, or so. 3600 years ago, it caused the ten plagues of Pharaoh, as the Jews were leaving Egypt. The Jews had convinced the Pharoah that Planet X's effects were the curses of THEIR God, and the Pharoah fell for it. You can read in Exodus for yourself, and see if the "Destroyer" doesn't fit Planet X to a TEE. The Egyptians also had scribes, and they wrote confirming accounts to the Jews, but from a humanistic point of view. Previous fly bys were The Great flood, and The Destruction of Atlantis. Try this site to get good info on P X. This guy used to work for CNN. He was in charge of their scientific projects, and videos. He is NOT a kook. Check it out. Broaden your perspective. You just might become a P X astronomer!

  2. You bring up some points but I must take issue with them in some form. Number one Google earth is missing Data in some areas like in the Orion area but if you were going to cover it up would you not also see a hole in the data set for the Infrared as well but it shows nothing at the missing visual data. so whats up with that? and if the Government was going to keep that quiet I think a airbrush job on the data set would be in order No? On to the Y class flare Baddest of the Bad. I am not convinced that we will see anything like that and what are the odds of the Y class flare being aimed right at us and have to polarity to not be just repelled around the earth and on... But OK the 1859 White flare did some damage. but as far as I can tell we are still here. No? And this is what Dr.Michio Kaku said:“We made a mistake,” Dr. Kaku said, when speaking about industry calculations about solar flares. Kaku believes the cycle will peak around 2012, possibly playing havoc with Earthling gadgets like Blackberries.The Internet, Fox,television, cable, satellite TV” could all get “wiped out around 2012″.He goes on to suggest that we need to reinforce our satellites, and create redundant power systems. President Obama has already earmarked billions to be spent on the US power grid, but it remains to be seen if it could be completed (or even begun) prior to 2012. Now that did not sound like My Butt was going to fried crispy but more like my Garmin GPS I have on the dash of my truck. Lastly the whole Planet X thing really gives me a chuckle but I will play The Telescope you speak of is there because we have the Northern Hemisphere covered? I find no empirical evidence to support that claim you make. Give me proof and we shall speak again kind sir butI thank you for your Patronage. If I am proved wrong I owe you a Coke!

  3. Nothin in space happens in a hurry - it takes Jupiter 12 years to go around the Sun !
    Any approching Star would be detected by it gravity effect at mmany a.u.
    Any significant "alignment" takes years to effect, so these disaster beliefs are all crap, propagated by people who think space is a small as their brains.
    How's that for ad hominem ?